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My workshops are about fun, learning, creative empowerment and loveliness. This video is a great example of what to expect.

I think it's important for me to explain to you the 5 reasons why I teach macramè and why teaching is the most important part of The Fibre Eclectic to me:

1. I am passionate about creative empowerment. I want you to know you can do anything, if you just genuinely believe it.

2. Connection. Spending 4 hours with someone gives you plenty of time to get to know them; their quirks, their view on creativity and best of all: that they're just like me in a lot of ways: human.

3. Mindfulness. I've tried living life without being fully present and it never works. For me and you to be in my workshop totally in the present, knotting away, problem-solving together; now that's living.

4. Pride. I get so much satisfaction seeing my workshop attendees so proud of the piece of art they've created. It is such an achievement to successfully complete a piece and it warms my heart when my attendees realise it was all them.

5. I love Hygge: Gathering a group of eager, optimistic people in a comfortable, beautiful space and experiencing that true, human connection that seems to manifest especially when you catch up with your girlfriends. While workshops at my cosy country cottage are my favourite, I try to take the concept of hygge to all my workshops: yummy food, a candle or two, some mellow tunes. It just all seems so bloody lovely to me.

If you've read this far, thank you.

This is bigger than all of us, it's the universe and a single grain of sand all at the same time. We are the same and different; all learning how to human every day. I am "airy-fairy" about the world, but why wouldn't you want to be.

If you'd like to take part in one of my monthly workshops, in ether Boyanup or Perth, check out my products page for current availability, or if you would like to hold a private macramè party, get in touch and we can chat. 

Macrame workshop gift vouchers are a great way to share the macrame love and are now available for my Boyanup and Perth workshops.

Kristy xx

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